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Holy Cast! So Freaking Pod: Chapter 9-10 Cumhungry Pussylips


The Chrew discuss winged pigs and whether stilettos are manufactured for hooved animals. What’s up with the doublethong, not to mention the single stocking? Apparently Christian is into that. 

Chuuurls gets a new type of tootmaker and regales you with it. She thinks the sexy wind was taken away from the writing with bad word choices. But did the forecast even call for sexy? 
Again and again, Christian brought down the blogger. He shouldn’t have made that negative post about our pod.
Chad objects heavily to the use of “yummy”. Get creative with your adjectives already. Which pronoun is being pumped? “Auugh,” he adds, “she is not a faucet!”
A single experience with cum in one’s mouth doesn’t exactly establish a sort of precedent, says Cherrydoom. Nonetheless, Ana has become a repository for expulsion so it doesn’t matter how the cum is or tastes.
Find out what kind of hooved pet you are on this special episode of Holy Cast! So Freaking Pod.

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